Welcome to Newlyn Harbour


Newlyn is one of the largest fishing port in the UK and is the first 24/7 harbour available to boats fishing the Southwest Atlantic waters.

The new Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners have been appointed to supervise the development and running of the port and fish market in the interests of the fishing industry and the broader Newlyn community. The Commissioners have been offered substantial funds to support a new fish market from the European Union Fisheries Fund and the European Union Regional Development Fund to help regenerate Newlyn as a port and town. Important decisions now need to be made regarding this funding, the proposed developments and the additional funding required and the new Harbour Commissioners Board are determined to consider the shipping industry and related industry and the local community in their discussions.

This new website and the meetings of the Commission in public are an expression of the open and transparent way in which the Commission will be conducting this vital and important opportunity for Newlyn in the 21st Century.


Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners is a statutory port undertaking created by an Act of Parliament in 1906. Newlyn Harbour Commissioners are committed to operating the harbour in an open and accountable manner and welcome feedback from harbour users and the Newlyn Community as a whole.

Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commisioners Office, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5HW | 01736 362523 | VHF Channel 16